About Nullsleep

New York City based Chiptune musician, Nullsleep, also known as Jeremiah Johnson, has a unique musical sound, inspired by 80's and 90's video games. Most of his works are also inpired by data corruption, destructive processes of aging technology, and the tension between order and chaos.

October 7 1980

Jeremiah Johnson was born October 7, 1980 on a United States Air Force base in Riverside, California. His family relocated to New York, NY after his foather's honorable discharge shortly after Johnson's birth.

September 1999

Jeremiah Johnson began studying at Columbia University in New York City. During this time the idea for 8bitpeoples was formed out of a conversation with a good friend. The group would be a collective of like minded musicians in which were inspired by early videogames. Jeremiah put together the first website and established himself as the driving force behind the group. The early works of Jeremiah Johnson bear little resemblance to his current style.


Johnson graduated with degrees in Computer Science and Music from the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University in 2003. He uses Game Boys and NES consoles to create music.


In 2011 Jeremiah Johnson created an interactive text adventure game called 'Void Gaze.' Inspired by the style of early text adventure games with accompanying computer drawings, 'Void Gaze' uses words to interact with the gameworld. In 2012 Johnson then created an interactive text experience called 'Wave Muse.' This experiene was ment to contextualixe a browsing session, in the style of early text adventure games.